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What's it all about and why should I take part?

Well for one thing it is great fun! When normally would you get given cash by someone for giving your opinion! Your views are really important to our clients. They want to know what you think about all kinds of products and services and they make it worth your while taking part by giving really good cash incentives by way of a thank you for you giving up your time to come along. Market research companies need to talk to all types of people and you really do get a cash thank you at the end. One day our clients may be finding out what mums think about a particular brand of nappies and the next we will have a group of business men talking about laptops. We have even sent people to European cities to look at new car designs and their weekend away was completely paid for! Market research is really varied and at some point we will want to know what you think about something so don't delay register today!!

How often will be asked to take part and can I go along with my friends?

Marker research participation generally depends on what our clients wants but as a general rule it is once every six months. 99% of the time focus groups are made up of complete strangers so we cannot allow you to go with friends of family. Rest assured that focus groups are normally made up of people similar to you as it is this sample of people that the client wants to speak to. Being in a group of strangers ensures that every one speaks their mind. If you were to attend with family or friends you may not actually tell us what you really think about a product in front of your nearest and dearest!

What if I don't wish to receive emails from you any longer because I don't want to take part in market research?

Please send an email to remove@peoplesviews.net and your details will be removed from our database.

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